Turbine Risk Analytics is an advanced analytics-as-a-service solution dedicated TO asset managers. IT IS CURRENTLY BEING USED TO MONITOR OVER 160 INVESTMENT FUNDS WITH COMBINED NET ASSETS EXCEEDING 4 BLN EUR

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Why Choose Turbine Risk Analytics?


of risk measurement, monitoring and reporting processes - it will save your time and reduce operational risk

Regulatory Compliance

the system is fully compliant with local regulatory requirements for financial institutions and our team constantly monitors planned regulations to assure compliance in the future

Fund Data

functionality, which gives you an opportunity to automate marketing&sales material generation

Monitoring System

management of fund’s investment and regulatory limits


of risk management experts (regulatory communication, audit, advisory)

Best Practices

implementation of widely tested processes in most efficient way


Risk Management Department Structure   Recommended Subscription Model

Established risk management team (3+ people) with detailed risk management process


Turbine Risk Analytics ENTERPRISE

+Matlab software

Small risk management team (2-3 people) with wide scope of risk management responsibilities


Turbine Risk Analytics STANDARD/ENTERPRISE

Dedicated risk management specialist with basic scope of responsibilities


Turbine Risk Analytics STANDARD

Asset Management start-up and/or growing organization which allows process outsourcing


Turbine Risk Analytics STANDARD

+outsourcing services



In the times of unprecedented level of volatility in financial markets and uncertainty in macroeconomic and regulatory outlook, risk management becomes one of main challenges for financial institutions. Professional risk management tools will help your firm navigate through this difficult environment, allowing for early detection of potential problems and guaranteeing financial regulatory compliance. Appropriate and firm approach to risk management will strengthen the image of your institution as an established and responsible organization.


Turbine Risk Analytics STANDARD

Turbine Risk Analytics ENTERPRISE

  • Investment risk measurement – in compliance with local regulations

  • Investment risk reporting – in compliance with local regulations

  • Investment risk monitoring

  • Limits manager

  • Compliance processes automation

  • Performance attribution

  • Key investor information generation

  • Data import, data quality management, model management

  • Financial algorithms management

  • Advanced fund performance analytics

  • Credit risk management

  • Automated sales&marketing materials generation

  • Peer group fund comparison

  • Fundamental data



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