Quantitative Finance
Technology Company

Turbine Analytics is a next generation investment information processing and independent analytics company.

We combine most up-to-date IT technologies with Big Data tools in order to offer financial institutions professional, yet incredibly intuitive IT systems and quantitative consulting services in the areas of risk management, portfolio management, trading and operations.

We specialize in delivering solutions for fund managers, insurance companies, brokerage houses and banks.

Our solutions are based on advanced data processing supported by motivated team of capital markets and IT experts . Currently we serve numerous financial institutions and our systems are used by over 300 professionals including risk managers, asset managers, operations, compliance and business development specialists.



Registered Office

Konstruktorska 12A
02-673 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 58 81 900

+48 22 58 81 950

Front Office

Wołoska 5
02-675 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 58 81 900

+48 22 58 81 950


Data Space provides cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data center solutions for mid to large-sized organizations. It delivers these services within a constantly optimized cost model that includes comprehensive monitoring, diagnostics, and problem solving. Leveraging years of proven experience, our client service is based on long term partnerships that provide continual ongoing expert support with no limitations on service requests.
Data Invest is a high-tech company based in Toruń, Poland. It offers cutting edge technologies, including big data, high performance computing and cloud solutions.
Vistra is a leading specialist accounting and payroll services to financial institutions company in Poland. The company currently has an established position in the market, having gained over 20% of the market for investment fund asset valuation and accounting for which it received a permit from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) for operations in Poland.


Whom we serve?

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